The revolutionary integration of the Zenon (ZNN) network opens a new hitherto unexplored chapter of the crypto universe.

25 Nov, 2022
Press release
The revolutionary integration of the Zenon (ZNN) network opens a new hitherto unexplored chapter of the crypto universe.

STEX is the only exchange that implemented Zenon Network's novel swap mechanism and is ready to launch a comprehensive approach for the users.

Zenon Network or Network of Momentum (NoM) is a continuously self-developing system that provides users with particular tools to earn, create and keep a „personal“ decentralised universe. This network allows everybody to be per step closer to the crypto world and perceive it from a completely different angle. The Crypto world is much more than a digital financial tool, it is a part of a future with no borders and unlimited fantasy.

ZNN Team describes NoM as “The self-evolving network empowering anyone through true decentralization”.

Zenon Network is an ambitious conjunction of PoS and MS that is built on the values and ethos of Bitcoin, however, it is faster, more secure and more scalable. Unlike, similar protocols, NoM is decentralised, and censorship-resistant, providing we3 solutions and feeless.

The revolutionary protocol is designed to solve the key issues of the decentralized market and make it available for everyone who is interested in and wants to become a part of a new crypto reality. Transaction fees are decreased or even eliminated due to the tokenization of network bandwidth. Network of Momentum proposes a new approach aiming to solve the high transaction fees through an unprecedented fee mechanism called Plasma.

Plasma is an anti-spam mechanism that works as the gas in the network to charge little or no fees for any kind of participant or transaction.

In order to encourage enormous progress and make a smooth transition the novel swap mechanism is launched. The main purpose is to ensure a quick and easy transition from the old network to the new one. “A novel swap mechanism designed for a seamless transition to the Alphanet” – ZNN team describes the swap.

ZNN Swap is divided into 11 Swap Cycles that are already completed by STEX. The ratio of all Swap cycles differs, i.e. Swap Cycles 1-2 with a stable Swap Ratio of 1:1; in Swap Cycles 3-11 the Swap Ratio will progressively decrease each cycle by 10% until it reaches 0: after the last swap cycle is completed, it won’t be possible to swap coins from the legacy network anymore.

About Zenon Network

In March 2019 anonymous group of developers launched a POS/MS hybrid cryptocurrency called Zenon (ZNN). The main difference from other altcoins is an architectural proposal for building on existing blockchains and DAGs using sharding is proposed as the Network of Momentum (NoM).

Zenon works in synergy with Quasar powering Network of Momentum. ZNN is used as locked collateral to spawn Pillars, Sentinels and staking. It is also used to delegate to Pillars in order to increase their weight and increase their rank in the network.

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