Blockchain - it’s not rocket science

19 Nov, 2021
Press release
Blockchain - it’s not rocket science

The last decade could be characterized as a period of digitalization and virtualization. Digital documents and signatures, virtual meetings and even companies are familiar to every Internet user. However, digital money or cryptocurrency raises many questions and mistrust. The main issue is a lack of knowledge on how it works and who owns all electronic funds. The task becomes even more difficult for the variety of terms such as blockchain, node, blocks, memo and others.

One of the key notions that cannot be skipped examining the topic of cryptocurrency is a blockchain. There are many articles, videos and other materials created by professionals for professionals meanwhile newbies don't even know where to start.

The co-founder of Horizen Rob Viglione together with Jonathan Teplitsky and Joyce Pavia Hanson published the book "What is Blockchain?" A kind of the short methodology on what is blockchain, why it is used and what for - key information in a pill. The authors describe this book as "An easy-to-understand guide that simplifies the basics of Blockchain".

The whole interview regarding the newly published book you can find here

What is Blockchain? is available from a variety of eBook outlets, including Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and more.